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See You in 2012!

29 Dec

Happy early New Year, Artsies!  I had a wonderful surprise this week, one of my favorite people in the world, my dear sister-in-law, came all the way to Coeur d’Alene, ID from Florida to visit.  So I’ll be unexpectedly away from the blog until the new year to spend lots of quality time with my sis-in-law!

See you next year!


Material Matters: Margie Livingston

28 Dec

If you are an artist, you know the joy and delight your materials bring.  The smell of fresh paint, the glow of molten glass, the feel of earthen clay.  Seattle artist Margie Livingston is one artist who obviously enchanted with her unique properties of her chosen medium– paint.

198 Angles, Mostly Yellow, acrylic, 33.5x29

Her paintings are not only explorations into the characteristics of the paint– color, texture, sheen, etc., but also studies in shape, form, line and space.

263 Angles, Neutral Over Red, acrylic, 33x24.5

She’s also taken this investigation of medium a step further– creating actual sculptures from paint, genius!

Paint Strip Tied In a Knot With the Ends Tucked In, acrylic, 4x13x10 ( via Greg Kucera Gallery )

Study for Spiral Block #3, acrylic, 6" cube

To see more of Margie Livingston’s adventures in paint, check out her website.  If you’re in Seattle, you can see her work in person at Greg Kucera Gallery.

Featured image is 414 Angles, Mostly Red and Yellow, acrylic, 32×24.  All images are via the artist’s website, unless otherwise stated.

Artsy on Escape Into Life: Kelly Reemsten

27 Dec

Ya’ll be sure to check out my post today on Escape Into Life, featuring Kelly Reemsten.  No doubt, you’ll recognized Kelly’s work from her Artsy Forager feature recently.  What can I say, her work just calls out to me!

Cleaning Is Addictive, oil on panel, 36x36

Kelly Reemsten feature on Escape Into Life

Of Myths and Imaginings

27 Dec

Some of my favorite artwork is the work that defies categorization and tells an interesting story.  While studying art history in college, I always loved the stories and superstitions related to a piece of work almost as much as the visual pleasure they gave.  Needless to say, the art history geek in me adores the figurative work of Claire B. Cotts in all their allegorical, mysterious glory.

Turkish Mother and Child, acrylic, 36x48

Claire’s work is reminiscent of historical portraiture and metaphorical painting so pervasive throughout much of art history.  The warm, rich palette enhances the timeless quality of her work.

The Year Spent Waiting, acrylic, 36x48

The paintings are like a glorious mix between historical and folk art but with a modern touch.

Flood, acrylic, 36x48

Woman With Quinces, acrylic, 36x82

Make sure you visit Claire B. Cotts’ website to see more of her work, including some equally amazing abstracts!  Gotta love a versatile artist!

Featured image is Quinceanera, acrylic, 24×36.  All images are via the artist’s website.

Sweet Dreams Captured

26 Dec

Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday with family and friends!  This was our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs. Frenz, as well as our first Christmas living far from family.  George and I enjoyed such a lovely quiet Christmas just for two.  Though it was just us here in Coeur d’Alene, there was still the same running around, decorating, cooking and planning that goes with this time of year.  As I was looking through my inspiration folders, the minute I saw the work of Vincent Giarrano, I knew these would be perfect for the day after Christmas..

Oasis, oil on panel, 20x16 ( via Gallery Henoch )

Isn’t this how we all feel after all the merriment and overeating?  Wouldn’t we all just like to curl up and nap all day long?  Perhaps some of you will!

City Girl, oil on panel, 24x18 ( via Gallery Henoch )

The textures and colors Giarrano uses convey such a sense of peace and coziness.  I just want to curl up here, too!

Midday, oil on panel, 18x14 ( via The Grenning Gallery )

Sleeping In, oil on panel, 12x9 ( via The Grenning Gallery )

Here’s to wishing you lots and lots of post-holiday rest and relaxation!  To see more of Vincent Giarrono’s work, please visit his website.

Featured image is Unmade Bed, oil, 20×16.  Images are via the artist’s representing galleries, Gallery Henoch and the Grenning Gallery.

Have Yourself an Artsy Little Christmas

24 Dec

Merry Christmas, Artsies!  I hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday filled with peace and love.  Here’s a lovely little video of artist Steven DaLuz‘s Watchers Series, currently on exhibit at Anarte Gallery in San Antonio.  The imagery and music are a perfect, quiet reflection for this holy night.

Video by Mia Feigelson

Friday Faves: Angels Among Us

23 Dec

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Tree Angel by Nicholas Wilton, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x40 ( via Selby Fleetwood Gallery )

Sentinel by Steven DaLuz, oil and mixed media on panel, 36x36

The Source by Brad Kunkle, oil, gold and silver on linen, 18x26

Se Escapo by Maribel Angel, mixed media and acrylic

At this time of year, angels are everywhere.  Both in ornamentation and figuratively.  Hope you’ll be an angel to someone this holiday!

Be sure to be an artsy angel and check out these artists’ websites:

1.  Nicholas Wilton 

2.  Steven DaLuz 

3.  Brad Kunkle 

4.  Maribel Angel 

All images are via the artists’ websites.