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May’s Facebook Featured Artist Is..

1 May

.. head over to the Artsy Forager Facebook page to find out!


April Facebook Featured Artist: Steve Williams

16 Apr

When I launched the Artsy Forager Facebook Featured Artist program this month, I was thrilled when Steve Williams agreed to be my inaugural artist. Like me, Steve is a native of our hometown, Jacksonville, Florida and has long been a fixture on the art scene there.  Steve, along with his then gallery partner, Jim Draper, encouraged a young Artsy Forager  to continue painting just out of college.  Even though I allowed myself to get sidetracked, I never forgot their kindness.

Marco Polo, mixed media

As he splits his time between being president of his family’s successful sign business, Harbinger Sign, the gallery he has created at the business’s headquarters, Florida Mining, his own work as an artist AND being a devoted father of three, Steve is a busy soul.  Which makes it all the more amazing to see the quality of thoughtful work he creates.

Jackson, mixed media

His experience in the sign business is evident in the strong graphic quality and balance evident in his compositions.  His most recent Money series ( images above ) explores currency as symbolic of all that we strive for as a society yet ensnares and imprisons us.

Into the Goodly Land, mixed media on panel, 60x72

While I love this current direction, my personal favorite works of Steve’s are those that incorporate layers of texture and color in which graphic signs and images are enshrouded.  These works, as well as the Money series, invite us in, asking us to look more closely at not only the world around us, but the motives and desires within us.

TV Exploration of Mars II, mixed media, 12x12

Revolutionary Exploration: Shallow Discovery, mixed media, 11x19

I hope you’ll check out more of Steve Williams‘ work on his website.  And do yourself a favor– don’t miss his blog, Making Cheddar, or his Twitter feed.    He’s as hilarious as he is insightful.

Featured image is Grant, mixed media, 60×36.  All images are via the artist’s website.

April’s Facebook Featured Artist is…

1 Apr

Check out the Artsy Forager Facebook page to find out!

Attention please! Special New Feature Coming Tomorrow!

31 Mar

If you’re an Artsy Forager fan on Facebook & Twitter, you may have seen my little hint regarding a new feature coming to the Artsy Forager Facebook page.  ( If you’re not following AF on Facebook and/or Twitter, it’s so easy! Handy little buttons in the right sidebar will take you right to the pages! )  Facebook fans know that the powers that be at FB have rolled out a new look for profiles and pages.  Always one to look on the brighter side of things, when I changed the AF page over, I started thinking about how I could use the new format to further promote the artists’ work I love..

Annoucing the new Artsy Forager Facebook Featured Artist program!

Ok, I'm obviously not a graphic designer..

Each month a new artist’s work will be featured as the Artsy Forager Facebook page cover image, there will also be a special feature post devoted to that artist on the blog, a thumbnail of their work on the Artsy Forager sidebar, as well as fun tidbits featuring their work on Facebook & Twitter throughout their month!  Are you excited?!

The inaugural artist will go up TOMORROW, April 1st, so stay tuned tomorrow for the big reveal!

PS– Due to an overwhelmingly positive response from the artists I contacted, Facebook Featured Artist spots are filled as of right now through November 2013. (!)  First priority was given to artists with whom I have an ongoing correspondence or relationship.  If you’re an artist who has been featured on Artsy Forager and would like to be a Facebook Featured Artist after November 2013, feel free to shoot me an email.  Thanks!