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America The Surreal

17 Oct

America is often a strange place and seems to just keep getting stranger.  Los Angeles artist Deborah Martin captures the sad desolation found across our country  in her poignant paintings.

Aces and Spades, oil on canvas, 36x36

Slab City Chairs, oil on canvas, 36x36

Her use of a limited, pastel neutral palette softens the sometimes oddly grim reality of many lives in America.

Keep Out, oil on canvas, 36x36

Yet somehow, these aren’t dark, depressing images of life in one of the richest countries in the world.  They don’t feel critical or satirical, but rather reverent and dreamy.

Fifty-two, oil on canvas, 36x36

To see more of Deborah’s work, please visit her website.  If you are in the Los Angeles area, she is currently showing at The Red Arrow Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA.  I have a feeling these paintings are even more intriguing in person!

Featured image is Yellow Camper, oil on canvas, 36×36.  All images are via the artist’s website.